William G. Fulton was born in Valparaiso, Indiana. Even as a child Bill was drawn to electronics. He was building radios at the age of 7 and repairing/rebuilding color tv's at the age of 14.

When Bill saw the first computer ever made - the Eniac (during a field trip as a youth) it was love at first sight. He immediately understood the capabilities of computers and wanted to make computers a career. Bill's quest for knowledge was reflected in his appreciating the benefits of digital over analog processing. Bill decided at this young age that he wanted to work with computers.
Bill decided, even at this young age that he wanted to work with computers. His senior year of highschool included two college level electronic courses.

1964 - 1979 Bill accrued over 7,300 hours of formal computer related classroom training. He served four years in the United States Air Force specializing in computer services. He studied general ed / computer sciences at Valparaiso University, University of North Carolina, Arizona Mesa College, San Diego Mesa College and National University.

Former Employment
1968 - 1970 Motorola Corp, Integrated Circuits Center
1970 - 1978 Digital Scientific Corporation
1978 - 1980 Wang Laboratories, Inc.
1980 - 1988 Pacific Southwest Airlines / US Airways
1988 - Present W. G. Fulton & Associates, Inc.

W. G. Fulton & Associates, Inc. was founded in 1988 and is dedicated to designing systems and networks that effectively support user needs. Products and support systems are designed to increase ease and clarity in computer related communications.

For more information: 858-566-1084 bill@wgfulton.com




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